Tai Chi Workshops With Rolly Brown

"I became interested in T'ai Chi Ch'uan not because of the magical powers that are sometimes believed to spring from its practice, but because I believed it could be a method that used sensitivity, relaxation, and mindfulness to overcome force.

As I trained over the years, and profitted from exposure to several wonderful teachers and many generous colleagues, I became more and more aware of the difficulty of the task I'd chosen. Certainly it involves hard work and thoughtful study. More important, though, the attainment of this goal demands that you find a way to resolve fear and egotism.

This, to me, is T'ai Chi Ch'uan's spiritual foundation and greatest treasure; what my teacher (like his teacher) has called "investment in loss." I believe that, when training follows this tenet, along with Tai Chi's traditional precepts, the greatest spiritual and martial benefits of the art can be realized."

Rolly Brown

Rolly is available to teach Tai Chi workshops. An experienced push-hands competitor and teacher, he was instructor and coach to the Women's National Push-Hands Champion at ATOC in 1993, Andrea Deardorff. The scope of Rolly's workshops may include:

Per day rate;

3 hours;____________________$300
4 hours;____________________$400

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required two months before engagement date.

Also, any and all transportation & hotel expenses must be included.

For further info, Email, snail mail, or phone.

Rolly Brown
612 Washington Ave.
Sellersville PA 18960

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