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Bucks County Tai Chi

Thanks for your interest in the Tai Chi courses through the Int'l School of Shiatsu,  located in Plumsteadville PA.

We're planning to offer a new "in person" beginner's class at the school, starting on Mon. Oct. 9th, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.

The 10 week long class will meet once every week for an hour.

As things stand now, masks are optional, but students must produce proof of being fully vaccinated at the first class.

Class size will be limited in order to ensure the ability to remain socially distanced, and windows will be open and ventilation system will be in operation.

We are keeping in mind the fact that Tai Chi is a method of increasing the length and quality of your life, and decreasing Covid risk is now part of that.

Tuition fee for the initial 10 week series is $200. (there's a slight handling fee for Paypal transactions.)
You may pay online, with either your credit card or Paypal, using the Paypal link:

Choose the "In Person Full Payment Form Class" option.

You may also pay by check:
Please make checks payable to "Rolly Brown", and send to:
Rolly Brown
612 Washington Ave.
Sellersville PA 18960

Class will be held at:
Int'l School of Shiatsu
6035 Kellers Church Rd.
Plumsteadville  PA 18947
located just off of Rt. 611, on Kellers Church Rd., which is just a few yards north of the Plumsteadville Inn.
Click on the link below for a video to help you find us! )

For info and directions, click here

We teach Master William C.C. Chen's 60 movement short form of Yang family Tai Chi Chuan. (Long forms usually have 108 or 128 movements.) This style derives from Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching, who was the last disciple of Yang Cheng-Fu, creator of the consistently slow-motion style widely practiced throughout the world today.

Master Chen, my primary teacher, was a senior disciple of Prof. Cheng's, and he is himself one of the most famous and influential Tai Chi masters of our generation. He is noted for emphasizing the subtle principles of relaxation which make Tai Chi a profound vehicle for the promotion of health and longevity, and also for preserving the martial viability of Tai Chi, for those who wish to study the self-defense aspect of this enigmatic art.

While some students will be content with a beginning series of classes, others will fall in love with this art, and they should know that learning the whole 60 movement form usually takes about a year, and that's just the beginning.
For advanced students, we offer classes in form refinement, and hope to some day again offer "in person" classes in sensing hands, Tai Chi Sword, and Tai Chi Boxing.

For reasons of hygiene, the Shiatsu School asks that students do not wear street shoes or go barefoot. Clean socks or a flat-soled indoor slipper or shoe will work.

If you have further questions regarding any of our Tai Chi classes, feel free to give me a call at 215-262-7233 or Email

Best wishes,

Rolly Brown