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Rolly's new "Songbirds" CD is available now!


It has been a dream of mine, for over a decade, to get a bunch of wonderful women singers and do a CD in which, drawing from the inspiration of the Joe Pass/Ella Fitzgerald duet albums of jazz standards, I played the “Joe Pass” role and they played the “Ella Fitzgerald” role.

The singers included here are all stellar artists:

Wendi Bourne, Susie Burke, Cathy Fink, Abbie Gardner, Buffie Groves, Terry Leonino, Marcy Marxer, and Annie Patterson.

I’m proud and pleased to share the stage with each of them.

I asked each singer to choose what they wanted to perform, with the rough idea of the theme being “Torch Songs”.

I hope the result pleases the listener as much as it pleases me.

"Music Helps" Bumper Sticker! $7 postpd.

All profits go to American Civil Liberties Union.

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"QuickTake" guitar video lessons.

These are short (10-15 minute) videos, tailored to your needs. Find info here.

Skype video guitar lessons!

This is a one hour interactive video conference with Rolly, in which you can have questions answered in the moment, have Rolly comment on technical a/or creative aspects of what you're doing, and, in short, get as close to a one-on-one lesson as you can get, in the event that you live too far away to come to Rolly for instruction.

The "Sunday Morning" CD is here!

Rolly's 4 years of "Sunday Morning Videos" on Facebook and Youtube inspired this CD of guitar instrumentals. Drawing from the tunes created for the series, as well as other original instrumentals, Rolly added arrangements by his early inspirations;  Davy Graham, Steve Mann, and Bert Jansch, as well as some other favorite tunes. More info!

They're here! Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop has now produced THIRTEEN instructional DVDs in which Rolly teaches basic "Nuts and Bolts" info to help improve your guitar playing!

Twelve are listed here, and scroll down for the "Nuts and Bolts of Fingerpicking Guitar". You can order at Stefan's site,  or directly from Rolly (more profit goes to the artist) here at the store. If you click on any of these thumbnails, a new window will open with a Youtube video of the first 10-15 minutes of that lesson. Then you can close that window to return here, and click the Buy Now link for purchase.

Note: With the addition of four new videos, we have surpassed Paypal's limit on items per drop-down menu, so there's a new drop down for "Exploring Jazz","Ear Training", "Rolly on the Blues", and "Where Blues Meets Jazz".

List price is $29.95 each, but you can purchase here for $25 postpaid in the continental U.S.

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And here are the most recent additions to the"Rollyworld" collection. If you click on any of these thumbnails, a new window will open with a Youtube video of the first 10-15 minutes of that lesson. Then you can close that window to return here, and click the Buy Now link for purchase.

4 NEW Titles on blues, jazz & ear training!

Or you can buy any two titles for $40!

Note: This deal does not apply to the 2-DVD "Fingerpicking" set.

It DOES apply to the four newer videos above, but they don't fit on the drop down menus below. If you want to order the new videos as part of a "twofer", order each one separately from the menus above, and I'll refund the appropriate amount ($10 per twofer) via Paypal. Email me if you have any questions.

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The latest addition to this collection of instructional DVDs is a two DVD set on

The Nuts And Bolts Of Fingerpicking Guitar

Click on thumbnail to see a Youtube video of the first 10 minutes of this lesson.

List price on this 2-DVD set is $39.95, but you can purchase here for $35 postpaid in the continental U.S.

This Vagrant Heart

A new solo CD, featuring jazz standards: Darn That Dream, One Of These Days, My One And Only Love, You Are Too Beautiful, Round Midnight, Unchained Melody, I Should Care, Jordu, Every Time We Say Goodbye, plus Come In My Kitchen and 3 originals; This Vagrant Heart, Joe And Julie Get Married, Freyda's Little Waltz.
$17 postpd U.S. sales, contact Rolly for int'l sales.

Dog Is My Co-Pilot - The CD!!

#CD2751 - CD
Rolly's ensemble CD, featuring guests Mark Cosgrove and John Carlini, among others. Includes swing and bluegrass flatpicking, solo fingerpicking, and even some singing! Songs include "Across The Great Divide", "Drunk On The Moon", and "My Uncle Walter". Instrumentals include "Redwing", "No Greater Love", "Sweet Sue", "Forked Deer", plus recent Rolly originals.
$17 postpd U.S. sales, contact Rolly for int'l sales.

No Need For Words

#CD2749 - CD
Back in print as the "25th anniversary edition"! Rolly's first CD was a collection of 6 ten-minute meditative improvisations suitable for the treatment room, the dining room, or the bedroom.
New "economy" packaging lowers the price!

Meditative Improvisations for Solo Acoustic Guitar
$12 postpd

"Dog Is My Co-Pilot" tee shirt We're sorry, but this item is SOLD OUT!