Rolly's Aussie Dog Guitar Gallery

Welcome to the under-construction Aussie Dog guitar gallery. Before you start planning your heist, realize that many of these guitars have come and gone, but I've kept pictures of special favorites. We begin with the OTIS (Order of The Immaculate Sunburst) wing, and these first fotos are of my D-41 sunburst built by Lynn Dudenbostel of Knoxville TN. This, along with the Marty Lanham and Bernie Lehmann guitars pictured on page 2 of the gallery, are among the finest looking and finest sounding guitars I've ever owned. Enjoy!

The latest sunburst in my guitar family is this '53 Gibson J-185. I've coveted one of these forever, as this model combines the beautiful shape of the J-200 with a rich resonant tone which most 200's lack. This one has been nicely refinished (spell that "affordable") and sounds great! Miz Gibson is back in the family!

Here are three of my favorite sunbursts: A Gibson custom Rosewood J-185, my old Martin MC-28, which died an untimely death when its face collapsed and had to be replaced, and my Collings mahogany CJ, patterned after a Gibson J-45.

A rarity: This 1972 Brazilian Rosewood Loprinzi (Augie) was originally intended as a demo model for music conventions. It's the only Loprinzi burst that I know of. Check out the unusually light colored Brazilian back and sides.

That does it for the sunbursts. Check out page 2 for the "naturals".