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Hey, what are your 3 choices for "desert island" guitar albums? If I were on a desert island and could only bring 3 albums, mine would currently be:
"River Suite" by Tony Rice & John Carlini
"Solilai" by Pierre Bensusan
"Red on Blonde" by Tim O'Brien (w/ Scott Nygaard on guitar)

How about you?

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Steve Hendershott ( - East Windsor, NJ

Very nice page. I was just looking around and
came across it by chance and I'm glad I did. I
look forward to hearing your music as well.

Steve Hendershott

Signed: Fri Apr 25. 97 at 11:45

jason burton ( - wheelersburg, ohio
I enjoyed the page. I am looking for info about
Pat Flynn(New Grass Revival). What is he doing
now? Also, any info about John Cowan would be
great. Email me

Signed: Wed Apr 16. 97 at 12:01

Joseph Rooster ( - Sioux Falls, SD
How do you play the guitar?

Signed: Tue Mar 18. 97 at 14:45

Steve Kaufman ( - Alcoa, TN
URL: Steve kaufman's Homepage
Rolly- nice site. I am glad to see that you are keeping Mark straight and true. He's a great picker and I'm sure you are also. I look forward to hearing the new CD and will put my order in soon.
Bye for now
Symbol of a FLATPIK formally known as Steve Kaufman

Signed: Sun Dec 22. 96 at 09:56

Paul Driehaus ( - Phoenixville, PA
Glad to see you're still sharing the guitar knowledge...I took some lessons from you several years ago, and I still treasure the insights you shared with me. Take care, and all the best!

Signed: Tue Dec 10. 96 at 20:34

Alan de Mause ( - New York City, New York
URL: Guitar Power
Nice site. Very pleased to see your Van Eps piece. He certainly gave me a rush of inspiration. I have a fingerstyle jazz guitar site, if you are curious (see above).

Signed: Sat Nov 30. 96 at 21:38

Don Knieriem ( - Laurel, Maryland
Thanks for all the helpful picking tips on
the flatpick-l group. How long have you lived in
New Hope? My sister used to live there - nice
little town. Do you perform at any of the nearby
clubs? Keep picking!

Signed: Sun Nov 17. 96 at 22:41

Mike Maddux ( - Colorado Springs, Colorado
URL: Full Moon Rising

Greetings from sunny Colorado Springs! I trust
everything in New Hope, Pa. is as it should be
on this election day.
Glad to see the Johnny Smith mention on your
previous comments... he's the reason that I moved
to Colorado Springs (he lives here, and used to
give lessons, but is now retired). One of my favorites
and one of the all time greats!

Give me a shout when you come out to Colorado
to go skiing...
thanks. /m.
p.s. you might want to check out my old bands
web page on:

bye. /m.

Signed: Tue Nov 05. 96 at 16:02

Frank Greenberg
Hi! Jack would have been doubly envious.
Keep up the good work.


Signed: Sun Oct 20. 96 at 20:23

cary brosius - 990 alders rd rr3 KENTVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA CAN B4N4KI
Hi Rolly,Jan,B,S,homage to the late great M, Delighted to discover your homepage, actually discovered by son Asa surfing you out!!!! He now plays some of your songs off your CD on his?my Martin. He plays well, and is looking forward to meeting, playing with you. We are at this moment having Canadian Thanksgiving, eating a Gordon Thompson Turkey,( I'll fax you a recipe), at the Wheeldon's, neice of G. V Epps. Small world, eh? I have as yet no E-mail adress, but do have some new jokes.
Love to you all , Cary, Phyllis and Asa

Signed: Sun Oct 13. 96 at 16:12

chris krehbiel ( - williamsburg, va
hi rolly!

just got the winfield book a couple weeks ago...
learned "eastland dream" so far, now working on
the bill mize tune (that fast 12/8 feels really
*wierd* when you're used to travis picking!)

to everybody that doesn't have it yet, this
cd/book combo is a must-have!

Signed: Thu Oct 03. 96 at 23:27

John Mackle ( - N.Ireland
Many thanks for that great little tip on
how to break up the fingerboard Van Eps
style though it does stretch my fingers
to places they havent been before.

Signed: Sat Sep 28. 96 at 06:30

steve senderoff ( - wilmington, DE
howdy rolly!!

enjoyed your page...hope all is well...
I'm playing mostly fiddle and banjo now for dances, etc
let me know when you and mark are playing next...


Signed: Fri Sep 13. 96 at 21:23

Charles Fisher ( or - Ft Worth, Texas
Hey, this is a cool page. I've been playing guitar for over 20 years and had always been interested in fingerstyle guitar. What is a good way of learning, this style.

Signed: Wed Jul 31. 96 at 11:02

Eric Schoenberg ( - Concord, MA
Hi Rolly,
How are you? Haven't seen you in a long time(like maybe 25 years??).
I have that same Van Eps record, and must agree totally, those four solo pieces are great! The trio stuff is also wonderful. Whoever the other players are, they're great, sensitive players. Is that record still available?

Signed: Tue Jul 30. 96 at 14:11

Matt Woods ( - Dunedin, New Zealand
It's good to find a place to contact fingerpickers.
I play a bit and also teach. I have a small collection
of ragtime pieces for beginners to play, but I could
definitely do with a few more so I can keep my students
interested in ragtime ( which is in my opinion one of
the top expressions of music on the guitar ). Does
anyone know of a source of simple pieces?

Signed: Tue Jul 02. 96 at 19:13

Gerry Nelson ( - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hi! Neat homepage. I was glad to see the mention of Rev Davis. I was only 3 when he passed away and have only just been introduced to his music. I fingerpick on guitar and can play quite a lot of Mississippi John Hurt's songs and am working my way through Broonzy at the moment.
I hope to graduate to Rev Davis' songs one day! Do you think this is a good way of going about it or should I just plunge in? Gotta get those fingerpicks out and start practicing with them soon since fingers alone don't quite give that bluesy sound!
Once again, all the best from a fingerpicker in Malaysia!

Signed: Mon Jul 01. 96 at 06:30

Cliff Brown ( - Marblehead, MA
Hi Rolly,
Did I see a picture of you somewhere playing a blonde
J-200? It stuck with me because I fingerpick on
one too(Rev. Davis' influence again.) The Rev.s
Candyman was one of the first tunes I learned
(what else?) and I'm still trying to master
some of his other songs.I stink at it but boy
do I have fun. Great page! Cliff

Signed: Sun Jun 30. 96 at 04:24

Richard Brown ( - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dear Rolly,

Cathy and I are very impressed by your home page. I've forwarded your email message about it to Ron Conrad and Bob Hope, so perhaps they'll visit it as well. Perhaps I'll get into the business of setting up a home page myself. Does this sentence go on forever?
In any case, we'll communicate with you soon via email. Hasta luego. We'll visit your home page whenever possible.
Your faithful brother,

Signed: Mon Jun 24. 96 at 20:20

Rolly Brown ( - New Hope, PA
Welcome Aboard!!

Signed: Thu Jun 20. 96 at 09:37