The BMW gallery

Here is the beginning and the (current) end of my history with BMW motorcycles!
I got my first Beemer, a '67 R60/2, in 1971. Over the years, I then owned an R75/5 and an R60/7. Eventually, after too many near misses, I got the willies, and put motorcycles aside for 20 years. With the help of the Mac-Pac Southeastern PA Eating and Wrenching Society, I re-upped in 2003 with a used K75.
(To check fotos of the Mac-Pac visit to the Lakota Wolf Preserve, click here.)
Then I made the mistake of test riding a new R1150R at Hermy's Cycles in Port Clinton PA. I was a goner, and I thought the big silver roadster would be my last bike.

Here's my old 1967 R60/2, and the latest, UnThump, a 2005 R1200ST

But fate had other plans.
In July '06, I was hit by a negligent driver, and the Roadster was totalled.
RIP "Thump-Thump", 2003-2006

So, Thump-Thump was replaced. Her name was Ursula (aka "Thump-Thump II").


The R1150RS had always struck me as the most classic of the modern BMW designs, so I was very pleased to acquire this modern masterpiece. And the story doesn't end there...
Recently, after attending a couple of Keith Code's excellent Superbike School sessions, I decided that I needed something a little closer to the "sport" end of "sport/touring". So, I've obtained the latest in my ever-growing history of Beemers:
"UnThump" is a 2005 R1200ST; 50 pounds lighter than Ursula, but still capable of long distance travel as well as fun in the corners...

Here are a few more pics of Ursula as well, soon to be replaced by more UnThump fotos...:

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