Rolly's Aussie Dog Guitar Gallery: Pg. 2

Here's the "naturals" wing of the gallery. First, there's Miz Lanham. Whereas Miz Otis is the perfect flatpicking guitar and not bad for fingerpicking, Miz Lanham is the perfect fingerpicking guitar and not bad for flatpicking. Built by Marty Lanham, this OOO 12 fret cutaway guitar is made of 50 year old brazilian rosewood and adirondack spruce. The body is a bit deeper than a standard OOO, which adds to the bass response. A wonderful sounding instrument by one of the best builders out there today!

And speaking of great handmade instruments, here's my "Selmer style" gypsy jazz guitar, built by Bernie Lehmann of Rochester NY. Bernie has pretty much reinvented this model, using double X bracing and a slimmer design, but getting a great big fat sound. Mine has its own little personal soundhole (what a GREAT idea!) on the upper bout, so the player can actually hear what's coming out of the guitar, too! This is just a gorgeous instrument, and I highly recommend Bernie's work to anyone looking for a Gypsy style guitar!

My old '49 J-200, in repose and in action. It was a great looking guitar; its only fault was the fact that it sounded like a J-200. ;^)

'98 Martin LSV has moved on to another home, where it receives much love and handling. It was my main "back-up" guitar after Miz Otis has arrived.

Here are front and back views of the Bourgeois twins: An Indian Rosewood OM cutaway and an unstained mahogany OM Jumbo. These are both great guitars which went to good Flatpick-L homes when I went on my dreadnought binge.

Here's my trusty Collings D2H. A great working guitar, but it had to move to make way for others.

And here's my old 7 string, built by Larry Stevens of Washington, Michigan. Larry was the repairman at Elderly Instruments for several years, and now does building and repairs on his own.

Well, that's about all for now. As I get more fotos processed a/or scanned, other current and former instruments may show up here. Check back and see!.